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Happy Easter to all who celebrate

Got up this morning, and after breakfast headed out to the bus stop to take the 44 to Jamaica to get the LIRR from there (I could have gone from Flushing but then I would have had to transfer at some point). Took the LIRR to Babylon and Oldest Brother met me there. We picked up Middle Brother at his group home, gave him his Easter basket, and went to lunch at Applebee's. Called The Kid and spoke to her for a few minutes but she was driving and couldn't talk long.

After Applebee's we went to Belmont Lake State Park and walked around the lake. Got some really close up views of swans. Also ducks and geese, and Oldest Brother saw a turtle but I didn't. There were red winged blackbirds too, which I always associate with spring and summer.

After that we took Middle Brother home, and came back here. Oldest Brother took a nap and I called the FWiB. So that was nice. After that, Oldest Brother encouraged me in getting some needed tasks done, and he put more water in the turtle tank. So that was good too.

And now Easter is almost done.

Gratitude List:

1. My brothers.

2. Beautiful places like Belmont Lake.

3. Swans. Even though they are aggressive.

4. Redwing blackbirds.

5. Good food.

6. Easter.

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