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Sad journey

Started this morning with a bagel and smoked salmon cream cheese in the bagel place.

Then puttered around the house til 4 when [personal profile] mashfanficchick and her mother and Mandy picked me up, and we went to the vet's so I could get Spyder's ashes. Also picked up some food for Bjorn. I cried again. They had a sympathy card for me that had somehow been sent to the old address and returned. Anyway, we brought Spyder and the cat food back here and Put the ashes on a high shelf so the other cats can't disturb them.

Then more cheerfully we went to Qdoba for late lunch/early dinner. And then we went to their friend's ice cream shop where we are taking Dani for part of her shower on Sunday to order an ice cream pie. Yummy.

I found out why the FWiB didn't answer yesterday, ad also didn't answer for most of the time I was trying to reach him tonight... he had accidentally turned the ringer on the phone off. They finally tracked down the problem and actually called me back and transferred the call so we got to talk.

I did a little work around the house this morning while I was waiting for them so at least I feel a little productive.

Gratitude List:

1. Got through to the FWiB at last.

2. Got Spyder's ashes.

3. Ice cream. Black raspberry chip.

4. Friends.

5. My vet.

6. Day off to get stuff done.

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