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Busy day

Started by going in to work in Manhattan to the session with the union to find out how much I'mowed in back pay. Remember I said I'd be shocked if it was over $20? Well, I was not shocked. I was a little surprised though, it was more than I thought, a little over $15. I signed the waiver and should get it in April some time.

Anyway, after that I went to work, which was OK, quiet because the kids had a half day of school. Heard from the vet about Spyder, his values are still high but better than they were so I just keep an eye on him for a month and then more blood tests.

After work, I went into Flushing and bought birthday cards for Middle brother and Denise and a gift card for Denise for Starbucks.

Came home and called the FWiB, talked for two hours. Doing well, great conversation. And now I'm facebooking Herschel, which is nice.

And that's all but I hope you'll agree it's enough!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. Got my shopping done.

3. My union.

4. Herschel.

5. Spyder doing good.

6. Birds twittering in a tree.

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