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I talked to the FWiB!!!!!!

And it was wonderful, we talked for an hour and a half! He is doing much better mentally, and some better physically, and it was just wonderful to e able to TALK to him!!!!

And it was a good day all around. The vet called with Spyder's urinalysis results. He did have some protein in his urine but not bad. I'm to cut his benzapril down to.2 and bring him back in 7 to 10 days for more blood tests.

Oldest Brother came over and we got his Nook set up. Then we went out to the drug store and dropped off my prescriptions, then went to Old Navy where I got two pairs of jeans, and applied for and got an Old Navy card. Yay! I can get credit cards now! Then we went to Target, and he got Middle Brother some stuff for his birthday and i got something for someone else's birthday.

Then we went to dinner at Applebee's, but we took a detour to the turtle pond park first and sat there for awhile. The willow tree is budding already.

We ate at Applebee's using the gift card that mashfanficchick gave us for Christmas, and that saved a lot of money. It was quite good.

And then I called the FWiB, and he answered, and when I said who it was, he said "Oh thank God" and everything was wonderful. And we talked and talked and talked. So much that by the time I got to th drug store the pharmacy was closed. *sigh* Which means I have to go tomorrow to pick up my scrips. But I don't care because I TALKED TO THE FWiB!!!!

Gratitude List:

1. The FWiB.

2. His caretakers.

3. Good day.

4. Jeans on clearance sale.

5. Approved for credit card.

6. We got a parking spot near the Applebee's, so when it was pouring when we went out we didn't have far to go.

edit to add: This doesn't seem to have crossposted to Livejournal so unless this edit makes it crosspost I will have to manually post it there.

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