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Snow day

So I slept late, really later than i should have, but oh well. Then I got up and pulled on some clothes and went to brave the snow for brunch, because I was out of milk for coffee. It was still snowing when I went out but not very cold or windy, so not bad walking. The bagel store was closed, but Dunkin' Donuts was open so I ate there, and then went to the 99 Cent store for milk. The rest of the day was spent either reading or puttering on the computer.

I called The Kid, because she's heading to England tomorrow to visit the in-laws for a couple of weeks. And I spoke to Oldest Brother during the day, aside from our usual nightly call (which I don't usually bother mentioning in these posts) because he couldn't get to work because they didn't plow his street, so he had a snow day too.

Been reading The Face in the Frost, which is just as good as always. I am glad to have it back. And started reading the unfinished sequel.

And Trump has been put in his place for now.

And that's all.

Gratitude List:

1. Snow day.

2. Good books.

3. My fuzzy lap robe I bought yesterday.

4. Dunkin' Donuts.

5. The Ninth Circuit of Appeals, for confirming the opinion of the judge who stopped the travel ban.

6. Checks and Balances.

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