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Pretty quiet day

I slept late again, and the only things I did were wash my hair, which needed it, and take my laundry to the laundromat. Which also I needed to do. Aside from that I puttered on-line, and read Janet Evanovitch's Fox and O'Hare book, The Scam.

Though I did do one thing on the computer of interest, I decided to contact a few people I haven't heard from in awhile, so I e-mailed Frank C, Croesos, and Mike S. The disturbing thing is that Mike's e-mail bounced, and when I went to the website of his company, it was inactive. I hope everything is all right, I know he got divorced, I hope nothing bad happened as a result. I facebooked Judy R, his ex, to ask if she had an e-mail address for him, no response yet. I also facebooked Herschel, got a response from him and replied. All well there.

And that's about all there is.

Gratitude List:

1. On-line friends.

2. Getting my laundry down.

3. Clean hair.

4. Entertaining books. Not necessarily good books, but entertaining.

5. Resistance to the Trump-monster grows.

6. On-line life.

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