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Rogue One

Today was the day Oldest Brother and I took Middle Brother out. So of course we had to see Rogue One. I suppose just about everyone on my f-list who wants to see it has seen it, but I'll avoid spoilers anyway. Suffice to say it is excellent, a worthy member of the Star Wars universe, and amazing CGI.

Oldest Brother picked up Middle Brother and then me, but because of the timing of the movie showings we went to eat at Five Guys for lunch first, rather than an early dinner after. And we still had time to kill so we went to Target briefly for Oldest Brother to get a new razor.

Then it started snowing, and by the time the movie was over and we left, it was fairly nasty, so instead of doing anything after (we had been thinking of getting dinner) we just called it a day.

So they dropped me off and for the rest of the evening I finished reading Breakdown.

And that was the day.

Oh, The Kid texted me pictures of her cosplay from Arisa, and it's amazing!

Gratitude List:

1. Oldest Brother.

2. Middle Brother.

3. The Kid.

4. Good books.

5. Pretty snow, once everyone is inside safe.

6. Good movies.
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