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Happy New Year!

So I had a very nice time at mashfanficchick's last night, and didn't get to bed til 4:30. Then I didn't sleep well because of my cold, which has sadly gotten worse. Then we got up early and went to Manhattan to meet up with Mandy and Sarah, and putter around the city. We got food, then went to The Midtown Comics Store, and walked through Times Square to get to the Disney Store... unbelievable the number of tourists snapping selfies... and confetti still on the ground. But anyway... we went to Union Square to Barnes and Noble, and that's where The Kid and SIL met up with us. So we did Forbidden Planet, and then Sarah had to leave. The ret of us went back to mashfanficchick's place, and did more presents there. After that, and Starbuck's, the Kid and SIL left, and I got a ride home. I puttered on the computer for about 20 minutes, then staggered off to bed where I took a nice long nap, knocked out by lack of sleep, exertion in the city, and my cold.

So that was my New Year's, and a very nice one it was. Tomorrow I shall probably spend most of the day in bed trying to shake the cold.

Gratitude List:

1. 2016 over.

2. Friends.

3. The Kid.

4. Everything worked out OK.

5. Can sleep late tomorrow.

6. Everything was all right here.

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