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My Christmas tree is up!

Oldest Brother came over this morning and we had coffee together and then went out to run some errands. Got Spyder's prescription filled, which took much longer than it should have, and then went to BJ's for kitty litter. Got a few other things while i was there, and then while i was waiting on line I discovered that my BJ's card was gone! Left Oldest Brother waiting on line and went to the member services desk, and got a new card with a picture on it that is MUCH better than the old card. The old card had the worst ID picture on it that I have ever had taken, worse than my state ID, worse than my city ID, much worse than my work ID (which is actually prety good, amazingly enough). But this picture on the new one is actually halfway decent, so that's a real plus. And Oldest Brother was still waiting on line when I got back so I didn't even lose any time, amazingly enough. A win/win all around.

Anyway, came home and did some on-line stuff to rest up after wrestling a 42 lb bag of kitty litter in the apartment. And then we got the tree out from behind the couch and set it up and decorated it. It looks lovely if I do say so myself. I'll see if I can get a picture up. Then we had dinner, some frozen lasagna from BJ's, in the cooking of which I used my oven for the first time since I moved in (how pathetic is that?) and then we spent the evening looking at things on youtube.

And so it was a very good day.

Gratitude List:

1. Oldest Brother.

2. Tree up.

3. New BJ's card picture.

4. A little bit of snow fell which was Christmasy.

5. Christmas music.

6. Weekend only half over.

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