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Rain, rain, rain

Though it wasn't raining this morning. Or when I left work. So I left my umbrella in my locker. Because it wasn't raining. Then by the time I got to the bus stop it was pouring down. ARGH.

The only interesting thing in work was doing the laptop program with the teens, which went very well. Then after work went to my meeting in the rain. Got drenched. The meeting was very small and the people who usually give me a ride home weren't there so I started to go home by bus, but while I was waiting at the stop, one of the meeting members who hadn't been there came looking for me and gave me a ride home so that was good.

Gratitude List:

1. Got a ride home.

2. My meeting and the people there.

3. Got my first Christmas card today.

4. My feet stayed dry.

5. Another thing I ordereed showed up, wasn't expecting it til the 8th.

6. Friends.

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