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Went over to mashfanficchick' mother's house and met up with her and Mandy to help decorate for Halloween trick or treaters. But before we could get set up it poured heavily, a real deluge. So since we couldn't set up outside we went over to mashfanficchick's apartment and hung out. Theo and his Dad John came by for a bit, they had come to NYC to pick up something.

Anyway we had sushi for dinner, cause nothing says "day before Halloween" like raw fish on rice.

And then I signed up for Uber and took that home. Interesting experience. I prefer cabs but it was cheaper than a cab.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. Sushi.

3. Was nice weather while I was traveling this morning.

4. Two days remaining off.

5. Cheaper Uber ride.

6. I figured out that it's my charging cord and not my phone which is giving me problems with charging. Cheaper to replace a cord than a phone.
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