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Complicated morning

I had arranged to take some comp time today in order to go over to the vet's and get Spyder's medicine. So that's what I did... the Q20 into the main part of Flushing to the Q15 to Whitestone, walk to the vet, then the Q15 back to Flushing and the Q50 to work. In the rain. So I have his medicine now.

Work was OK, I had the book discussion with my one teen, it went well.

Then after work met up with mashfanficchick at Party City, and then from there we went to Target. Then had dinner in Buffalo Wild Wings. A very good time.

Now for bed.

Gratitude List:

1. Got Spyder's meds.

2. Umbrellas.

3. Friends.

4. Warm inside.

5. Bed soon.

6. Good food.
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