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Took a tumble at work

Tripped over a phone cord and went sprawling. Now I ache all over. Not so bad, nothing broken, no blood shed, but stiff.

Anyway, aside from that work was OK. Afterward I went shopping for cat food and other stuff at Stop and Shop on the way home. Ended up getting myself sushi there for dinner. Not as good as from a restaurant, but not bad either.

Almost out of Spyder's liquid medicine, which I have to get from the vet. Need to take time off from work to get it. Hopefully Thursday I'll be able to.

Gratitude List:

1. Wasn't hurt worse when I fell.

2. Didn't break the telephone I tripped over either.

3. Nice fall weather.

4. Sushi. Cause nothing says "I ache all over" like raw fish on rice.

5. Warm blanket on my bed (cold air blows in from around the AC. Have to get that taken down soon)

6. Orange juice.
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