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Restful Day

Slept later than I intended to because I stayed in bed playing on my phone, and then fell asleep again. But I finally did get up, and, discovering that my milk was sour, I went to breakfast at Dunkin' Donuts.

After that I went into the central part of Flushing and went to a discount store for items to put into the raffle at my meeting's anniversary which is Tuesday.

Aside from that I put up a few more Halloween decorations, and took out some garbage and recycling.

Finished reading She Walks in Shadows, which, as i said was a mixed bag but mostly pretty good.

I e-mailed the FWiB's brother again for news. Got a reply, nothing much new. I miss him still so much...

Gratitude List:

1. Restful day.

2. Got the shopping done.

3. The FWiB's brother willing to give me news.

4. Family commenting on the pics Denise posted on facebook of our family get-together yesterday.

5. No rain today.

6. Still have some of Spyder's medicine left (I have to get to the vet's soon though to pick it up.)

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