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Lovely day seeing family

So Cousin Steve's son Mike was having a football game against the Merchant Marine Academy, and Steve invited us all from this part of the world to meet him there at a small park outside the academy for a tailgate picnic like we have done in the past when Sue's son's team played against them, so of course we all said yes.

While I was getting ready for the day Denise called and said that plans were changed because of the weather, instead of a picnic at the park we would all meet at an IHOP nearby for brunch together. So that's what we did. The Kid and SIL picked me up and we meet there with Oldest brother, John, Denise, Aunt Helen, Steve, Kevin and Tim. Had a lovely time at brunch, then (sadly minus Aunt Helen and Brianne who went home) we went to the game and sat in the rain. Mikey's team (Saint Lawrence) won 8-0. A slow game but lots of good defense which is what Mike plays.

Then afterward The Kid drove me home and came in for a little while to see Spyder and the other cats. And then they went home, and I puttered on the computer, put up some of my Halloween decorations, and finally watched Specter on youtube. That's a rather cheesy old failed TV pilot produced and written by Gene Roddenberry, his attempt to do something supernatural. Interesting idea, badly carried out.

And I finished reading the Janet Evanovich book I was reading, Wicked Charms.

And that's all. But I think it's enough! Good day.

Gratitude List:

1. Family.

2. The Kid and SIL got home safe.

3. Cousin Steve.

4. The rain stopped eventually.

5. Getting warm in the car after.

6. Good books.

Edited to add, congratulations to Chicago and the Cubs.

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