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A good day

Work was OK, nothing special. Afterward I went to go to my meeting, like most Fridays, and while I was killing time I went to Carvel and had a pumpkin flavor cone. Very good. Then I went to the rite Aid and found they had one of the ute frog-shaped USB drives that I'd dithered over if I should buy one or not for so long they sold out of them. And then of course I wished I'd gotten one. I've been checking for weeks and nothing. Today one was there. So I snapped it up. I'm going to put The Kid's fan vids on it and give it to her. Then I went to Boston Market for dinner, and then i went to my meeting which was unexepctedly large. So everything orkd out well.

Came home and took out some garbage. While I was talking to Oldest Brother The Kid called to talk about tomorrow, and other things, so we had a nice long talk and then I called Oldest Brother back.

Looking forward to tomorrow and seeing family!

Gratitude List:

1. Shoes that don't leak and keep my feet dry.

2. Found the frog USB.

3. My meeting and the people there.

4. The kid.

5. Oldest Brother.

6. The rain stopped by the time I left work.

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