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Computer class and an extra half hour of work

Had to be at work a half hour early in order to do a computer class, so I worked a long day today. The class went OK. The rest of the day was OK too, though I had one instance of letting someone in to the public men's restroom after knocking loudly and getting no response, to find that there was in fact someone in there. Very embarrassing.

Anyway, came home, took out some garbage and recycling, and that's about all. Spoke very briefly to The Kid about Saturday, and that's all.

Gratitude List:

1. The Kid.

2. Bathroom incident wasn't worse than it was (door got shut again before anything was seen)

3. Cats eating well.

4. Rain stopped before I came home.

5. Computer class went OK.

6. Someone bought donuts for us at work as a gift.
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