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Quiet Columbus Day... or Indigenous People's Day

And a Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadians on my flist!

I went out to brunch at Dunkin' Donuts, took some laundry down, took some recycling out, and did the dishes. I also read a lot, the book of short Lovecraftian stories I downloaded to my Nook awhile ago, She Walks in Shadows. A mixed bag, but pretty good. I also ordered a SHarecon tee shirt and paid for it via paypal.

Due to sad circumstances beyond anyone's control, I may have to travel to SHarecon by myself, though that is by no means a given yet. I will hope for the best.

Gratitude List:

1. Clean laundry coming.

2. Day off.

3. Cozy reading with cats.

4. Nice weather.

5. My turtle.

6. Friends.
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