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Spyder is much better

He didn't eat last night or the night before, and that's very dangerous for a cat, because they start digesting their own livers. After talking to The Kid and to RK, I was afraid I'd have to take him to the emergency vet again tonight. But I stopped on the way home from work at Stop and Shop and bought some Fancy Feast, and gave him some as soon as I got home, and he gobbled a bunch down, and then he ate more at the regular feeding time. So he's OK for now. He goes to the regular vet Monday for a thyroid test, and Thursday he'll get a sonogram of his heart.

My cold is getting better, too, though I'm still congested.

Gratitude List:

1. Spyder ate.

2. RK.

3. The Kid.

4. Understanding boss was nice about time off on Monday.

5. The other cats are well.

6. My vet.
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