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I am home

Got in this morning much later than planned, because my train was delayed for hours by a downed tree on the tracks. We had to wait for track crew to get there with chainsaws. Very boring. But the delay meant I was able to have mashfanficchick and her mother pick me up at Penn Station. Then we ate a late dinner, and they brought me home.

So my vacation was lovely, though a bit lonely. All the family and friend stuff happened in the first four days, then after that I was all alone. But it was so relaxing just being there. I made the train on time, and the trip went swiftly as I slept through most of it. Lynn S picked me up in Rochester, the first time I've seen him in about 15 years. We went shopping, then drove to the cottage, then went shopping in Newfane, then did lots of blissful nothing. He made dinner, pizza. The next day we went shopping again, and he left early, couldn't stand the heat and humidity. Diane and Bob E came down and took Aunt Helen and me out to dinner, and that was lovely. Played Balderdash with the family that night at Nancy's, and hung out. Saturday John came in to pick up Aunt Helen. That night John, Betsy, Sue and I meteor-watched in back, after being at Nancy's to hang out. Sunday was the Outing Park picnic, and also when people started leaving. The picknic was nice, but Nancy, John, Betsy and Aunt Helen had already left. Sat with Janet and Thom and Gretchen. That night Sue came and sat awhile with me on the porch.

The rest of the time I was alone. Walked to Behers once and to Olcott once, but the weather was not good for it for the most part. Meteor watched one night.

And when I got home my cts and turtle were all OK, and here to greet me.

Gratitude List:

1. The cottage.

2. Friends.

3. Family.

4. My cats.

5. Oldest Brother, who took care of the pets while I was gone.

6. Successful trip.

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