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Fourth of July

Hope everyone had a great one. Here it's ending with pouring rain.

Went out in the morning to get breakfast from Dunkin' Donuts and ran into someone I knew from program so we had a nice talk. Then The Kid called me and we had a nice talk too, though rather short.

Reread Penric's Demon, and took a nap. Puttered on line and watched part of Zootopia on dvd. Then went out with mashfanficchick, her mother, Dani and Theo for some shopping, and then went to mashfanficchick's place for dinner. A very nice time.

And now must hurry to bed to get up in time for work.

Gratitude List:

1. All sorts of patriotic things.

2. Friends.

3. Music.

4. Got a ride home.

5. Fireworks, even though I didn't get to see any.

6. Brownies and fruit and whipped cream for dessert.
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