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Lovely day with a hell of an ending

So the good stuff. Oldest Brother came in the morning and slept in his car til I got him up. And then we had breakfast together, and then we went to a computer store to buy an adapter so my old monitor would work with his chromebox. Got one, and a mouse pad, and for myself a 16 gb flash drive for only $10 that I intend to store photos on.

Then we went to his place and I set up the chromebox for him. It was just as easy as it said it was, no problems at all. Works like a charm.

So he took a nap and I puttered around on it for a couple of hours, and then when he got up we headed for Borelli's, for dinner and to watch the fireworks in Eisenhower Park across the street. Made a stop at a discount store to kill some time, and got a little book for Middle Brother that I'm going to hang on to til *shudder* Christmas.

At Borelli's we were still early for our reservation so we had a drink in the bar first. Very nice. Then delicious dinner. And then sat outside for the fireworks. Which were wonderful.

And now the bad part. Driving back to my place, some idiot in a pickup cut right into us on the Cross Island Parkway, knocked the sideview mirror off, and didn't stop, just drove on. I got his plate number at least. So we stopped at the local police precinct here in Flushing, and got a form to fill out to send in reporting the accident. It was awful and scary. But could have been so much worse.

So now I'm home feeding the cats and he's on his way home too. Hope all goes well without the mirror...

Gratitude List:

1. Nothing worse happened.

2. Good dinner.

3. Fireworks.

4. Chromebox set up and working.

5. Found a parking garage near the precinct.

6. Cats.

Edited to add, he just called, got in safe.
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