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Memorial Day weekend

Oldest Brother came over here this morning and we had breakfast together and then drove out and picked up Middle Brother. We had lunch out at Applebee's, and then went to Belmont Lake State Park. We took a long walk around the lake, and saw swans and cygnets, ducks and ducklings, geese and goslings, all of which babies were adorable. It was surprisingly uncrowded, too. Spent several hours there, then took Middle Brother back, and came back here. Oldest Brother took a nap, and then we puttered on the computer for awhile, and now he's gone home.

A very good day.

Supposed to see The Kid in the city tomorrow but I haven't heard from her about when or where we're supposed to meet.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. My brothers.

3. The park.

4. Baby water fowl.

5. Cool drinks when you're thirsty.

6. Beautiful weather.

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