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Called in sick today

Cause I got so little sleep last night. Spent the day sleeping late, then reading mostly. Paid some bills, and got my lease renewal forms filled out.

Yesterday was lovely. The trip up to The Kid's the day before went splendidly, and their house is very nice. Slept in the spare room on an air mattress, actually pretty comfy. Got up the next day, walked with them to th main part of town where there was an art walk street fair going n. Went to the Moravian Bookstore, and to the Meadery for lunch and a glass of mead, delicious. Then continued walking around until it was time to go back to their house, and get the car to go to tea at a tearoom. Wonderful meal, very cheap considering the amount and quality of the food we got, but service was a bit low, so I ended up missing the 5:00 bus. So we went to the casino, where my bus came in and left from, and used the $45 slot machine voucher that the bus gave me to have some fun. Then we went to the arcade and played some arcade games, and then went back to their house. Watched some TV and then it was time for the 10:00 bus, so she took me to meet that and I came home and that was that. All in all a most wonderful day.

Gratitude List:

1. The Kid.

2. Nice casino workers.

3. Day off to recuperate.

4. Beautiful weather while I was up.

5. Yummy mead.

6. Ice cream tonight.
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