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News about the FWiB

Got an e-mail from his brother today. He's doing better, gaining weight and eating well, and mentally improving, though he still has some aphasia. He's in good spirits most of the time. Still can't walk or use his right arm, but as he improves and gets stronger he'll get more rehab. So I'll write him another letter tomorrow... bought a card to send today.

Aside from that, no big news, though I did get two reviews from today, on the Batman stories. Always nice to get reviews.

And I had a class in at work in the morning, and did the teen gaming program in the afternoon. So a full day. Did some shopping and picked up my laundry after work.

Gratitude List:

1. Good news about the FWiB.

2. Class visit today went well.

3. Reviews.

4. Blue sky in the afternoon.

5. Good books.

6. Ice cream.
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