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Was late to work again today

I thought I was getting better but I got stuck getting up again today. *sigh*

The day went OK after that. On the way home I stopped at the Target in the new shopping mall on the way and got some stuff.

No sign of that piece of mail showing up, but I think I know what it is. I think it's the refund from the metrocard that went bad. I hope it shows tomorrow but I'm not counting on it, and the pink slip disappeared from my mailbox where I taped it. So I'll try going to the post office about it Saturday but without the pink slip I don't know if I can get it.

More frustration trying to call the FWiB. One of the nurses (I assume a nurse) told me that he doesn't get out of bed at all. I assumed he'd be in a wheelchair at some point and I'd catch him. But if he doesn't get out of bed at all, I won't. They are supposed to have a mobile phone that they could bring to him but it's not working. So I'll wait awhile before I try again. He may improve enough to get out of bed, or they may fix the phone.

Gratitude List:

1. Nice weather.

2. Marsh marigolds.

3. The shopping mall on the way home.

4. Left over pizza from Saturday for dinner.

5. Small birds.

6. Supposed to be warming up.

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