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Busy today

The day started out badly. Spyder barfed, and a number of other things went wrong, resulting in me being 15 minutes late. But the rest of the day went fairly well. Had a meeting with several staff and a Higher Up to discuss getting more class visits. We shall do our best. Did the laptop program with the teens, it went well.

After work went to my meeting. Didn't feel like my usual meeting night dinner of lamb over rice from the halal cart, so I went to Burger King for a change.

My meeting went well, the topic was step 4.

The news from The Kid and SIL, they have found a house to rent and are signing the lease tomorrow. They are planning on moving around the middle of next week.

Mailed the card to the FWiB.

Gratitude List:

1. My meetings and the people there.

2. Fast food sometimes.

3. Cold but sunny day.

4. Spyder seems OK now.

5. Thought I would have to get up extra early tomorrow to do a favor for The Kid but events have made it not neccessary after all.

6. Ice cream.

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