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Middle Brother's birthday

Lovely day. The Kid and SIL picked me up and we went to the post office to get my certified letters. Just as i suspected, from the iRS, but no biggie, I'll call them Monday. Then we went to Target for shopping, and then out to Long Island to Applebee's to meet with the family. Aunt Helen, John, Denise, Brianne and Oldest and Middle Brothers. So we had a nice meal, and a lot of nice conversation, and gave presents (had them for Aunt Helen and Denise as well as Middle Brother because they had birthdays recently too) and had an ice cream cake that Oldest Brother brought from yes, of course, Carvel. It was a lovely time.

Then after we left, the Kid and SIL brought me back and stayed for a while, helping me with, OK, I'll admit it, my Christmas tree which was still up. So it's down and packed away now and the living room looks much larger!

I discovered something tonight... Amazon music. I ordered a cd for Middle Brother which Oldest brother told me he wanted, which was also one that I like but don't own. And I discovered that if you order music from amazon, you can get a free download of it as well! Plus the option of free music too! What a great deal! So I'm listening to the American Pie album by Don McLean, which I haven't had for years. And I got three other songs that I like for FREE! I guess it was just a coincidence that all the free music they were offering was stuff I like but I'm happy.

Gratitude List:

1. Family.

2. Lovely day.

3. Christmas tree put away.

4. Free music!

5. Good music.

6. Wore my new sneakers.

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