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News about the FWiB

So last night I got e-mail, not from any of the people I'd e-mailed, but his brother, who had apparently been contacted by one of the people I had contacted. He sent out a group message that the FWiB had stopped drinking as of Feb 22 (the last time I spoke with him was the 9th if you recall), which is good but I wonder how much is actually having stopped and how much is lack of being able to obtain liquor. Anyway, he's now in the hospital unable to walk due to numbness in his legs, and isn't talking very well. They are investigating if he could have had a stroke. He's been diagnosed with COPD also, from his really bad smoking habit. This is on top of the liver damage and alcoholic dementia he'd already been diagnosed with. So the news is not good, but better than I had imagined. His brother is going to keep us notified of what happens.

In other sad news, the husband of my cousin Virginia (first cousin once removed, to be precise) died today, not unexpectedly, he'd been quite unwell for some time, but it's sad none-the-less. I barely knew him, but it's family.

In more cheerful news, work went well, the staff meeting was painless, and the day went smoothly. However, my meeting tonight was a bust, no one showed up but me. Bummer. It happens.

Tomorrow is the birthday celebration for Middle Brother. Getting together with The Kid and SIL and meeting up with Oldest Brother and him, as well as Aunt Helen, John and Denise. Should be fun.

Bjorn still has his cold. No worse and maybe a little better.

Gratitude List:

1. Things aren't worse with the FWiB.

2. His brother.

3. Family.

4. Really, really nice weather.

5. My cats.

6. My meetings, even when there's no one there.

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