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Free Day

Started by seeing my therapist. It was snowing at that point, pretty heavily, but it didn't stay. Then when I got home there was a delivery slip from the post office. Two certified letters... and that means I'm sure from the IRS and that for some reason they've gone and cancelled by installment agreement again. So I went right down to the post office, which was a hassle-filled trip, and discovered that you can't pick stuff up the same day because the mail carrier hasn't gotten back to the office yet. *sigh* So that was for naught. Anyway, went back home, stopping for a toasted bagel on the way. Will have to get them on my next free day, a week from tomorrow. *sigh* And then call and get it straightened out AGAIN.

The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I paid my cable bill and finally got around to notifying the DMV about my new address.

Then I went out to my meeting in th evening. Went to Boston Market for dinner first. Meeting was good, all stuff I needed to hear, powerlessness, turning my will over to God, and surrender.

Did call the FWiB, first time in a couple of days, no answer.

Oh, I forgot to mention, someone recc'd my crossover story, They Are, on the Starsky and Hutch list.

Gratitude List:

1. My meetings and the people there.

2. My therapist.

3. The snow stopped and the sun came out.

4. Made the bus on time coming home.

5. I no longer freak over letters from the IRS.

6. People reading my story.

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