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Last day of vacation

I didn't do much of anything, slept later than I should have, then puttered on-line. Put the two Starsky and Hutch alphabet fics on AO3, and the big thing is I put th Star Trek/Danger: UXB crossover story up. Sadly there hasn't been anywhere near the response I was hoping for. *sigh* Disappointing. But all the S&H stuff and the Leverage fic are doing very well.

Aside from that, I took my laundry down finally, it's been, well, lets not say how long it's been. Suffice it to say it was a LOT of laundry and it was difficult getting it down to the laundromat. And i'm not looking forward to bringing it home tomorrow either. I fell down the last step of the steps that lead to the building entrance way, and my knees hurt now.

Aside from that I spent the day doing nothing. Read a little, not much. Ate of course. Made a cup of hot chocolate.

Called the FWiB, no answer.

Back to work tomorrow, boo.

Gratitude List:

1. Got my laundry down.

2. Didn't get really hurt when I fell.

3. Girl Scout cookies from Friday.

4. Got the stories up, figured out how to do multiple chapters.

5. Posting on ship-of-fools.

6. My cats to keep me company.

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