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Free day

Went to therapy in the morning, then did a little shopping on the way home. After I got home I puttered a bit, then went out and filled my scrips. Which was frustrating because the doctor faxed them to the wrong pharmacy, the one back in Whitestone. Fortunately I had a refill left on the old scrips at my new pharmacy, so I could refill them without any trouble. Ate brunch at McDonald's on the way. Then came home and puttered some more, then took a nap til it was time for my meeting. Ate at Boston Market first. It was a good meeting.

Came home, and Bjorn harassed Sybil enough that she managed to pull down one of the curtains in the living room, the ones that the SIL put up for me on Christmas Eve. *sigh* Had to pull the couch far enough from the wall to fit the step ladder behind it, not easy. But I got them up again.

Gratitude List:

1. My meetings and the people there.

2. Therapy.

3. My meds.

4. Coffee in the morning.

5. Being able to do things myself.

6. The cats, even when they drive me crazy.

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