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A little late cause I never got to post on New Year's Eve. Went to work and discovered that the rest of the staff had planned a New year's Eve breakfast, which they invited me to. Very nice and yummy, but why they didn't include me in their planning I don't know. Anyway, got out of work at 3:00, came home and fed the cats and packed, and was picked up by mashfanficchick's mother. Spent the eveningand night with them, Mandy, Dani, John and Theo, who is now a toddler for real. Had a lot of fun. Slept at her mother's house.

Slept very late today, then went over to the apartment and hung out all day. We watched the Victorian Sherlock episode, which (no spoilers!) was excellent.

Came home on my own, no problem, everything was fine here except the cats had knocked down the bedroom curtains again. *sigh* They are up now. Bed now.

Gratitude List:

1. Friends.

2. A new year = a new start.

3. Good TV.

4. Fun times.

5. Bed soon!

6. Wasn't too cold going home tonight.

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