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Merry Christmas!

I never posted last night because we were up too late and there was no time. But Christmas Eve went perfectly. Worked until 3:00, got picked up by Oldest brother and Middle Brother, went shopping for supplies. Got home and did a quick clean of the living room, and waited for the others.

The Kid and SIL came with mashfanficchick and her mother. The Kid and SIL put up my living room curtains, and we had pasta and clam sauce, and many snacks, and then opened presents. Yay!

That took hours, and after we were done and the guests gone, Oldest and Middle Brothers settled down to sleep in the living room. I inflated an air mattress for Oldest brother and Middle brother took the couch.

This morning we got up and breakfasted, and then tried to buy some paper goods, but couldn't find a place open. Went to The Kid's apartment, and had Christmas day there with them and mashfanficchick, her mother, and the Kid's two friends D and C. Had a really great dinner. Then Oldest brother had to go to work, and mashfanficchick's mother drove Middle Brother back to his group home with mashfanficchick and me.

And then the brought me home, and here I am after a great holiday. Hope you all had a good one too.

Called the FWiB, no answer. *sigh*

Gratitude List:

1. mashfanficchick

2. Her mother.

3. Oldest Brother.

4. The Kid.

5. Middle Brother.

6. The SIL.
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